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Dr. Brown’s Wood

One of the best things about being a general assignment reporter for a small newspaper, whether daily or weekly, is that you basically have a license to be nosy. And to me, curiosity is perhaps a reporter’s greatest characteristic. After all, a lot of people

Hunt Country Crime

We spent yesterday afternoon enjoying a pool-side cookout at the neighbor’s place down the road. She had some guests in from Washington, D.C., and at some point the conversation turned to the numerous unsolved murders in scenic and historic Fauquier County. According to the Fauquier

Country Stores

Back in 1993 I wrote a story for  the Fauquier Times-Democrat about the country stores that dotted the county. Reviewing that story today, I can almost recall the creak of the old wood floors and the smell of stale cigarette smoke. That story was a walk

24 Years Ago This Week

I’ve been going through a pile of old clips of stories I’ve written over the years, and came across a fun one about a tax investigation. The story itself is pretty cut and dried. But the story behind the story is funny. A car dealer

Building Better Websites

By the time most customers walk into a company showroom, they’ve already decided whether they want to do business with that company, and that decision is often based on the quality of the company’s website. Building Better Websites