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Selling the New

Convincing building contractors and remodelers to try a new product can be tough. They like to stick with what they know and what works. In this article in ProSales Magazine, I wrote about how some building supply dealers convince their customers to try new ideas.

Sticky Post

Lean Manufacturing

Wrote a story in January about a company in Massachusetts that used lean manufacturing techniques to improve its operations. Jackson Lumber

84’s Antagonists

One of the best things about being a journalist is all the interesting people you get to meet. I’d been the new editor of ProSales Magazine for a few months when I a call from Addie Mills from Jena, La. She’s in an epic battle

Moving on

Tomorrow’s my last day as managing editor of the Fauquier Times-Democrat. There so many things I love about this job, but one of my favorite duties was giving tours of the newspaper to Scout troops and school students. It was always fun to talk about

VPA 3rd Place

I didn’t do a whole lot of writing last year, so it wasn’t much of surprise that I only took third place for business writing in the Virginia Press Association contest. In addition to the Duncan and Clark story¬†(found¬†find elsewhere on these pages), a story

Jewelry Maker

Here’s a story I wrote about a custom jewelry maker in Warrenton, Va., who teaches couples how to make their own wedding rings. Full size versions available here: Duncan and Clarke 1 Duncan and Clarke 2