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24 Years Ago This Week

I’ve been going through a pile of old clips of stories I’ve written over the years, and came across a fun one about a tax investigation. The story itself is pretty cut and dried. But the story behind the story is funny. A car dealer

Building Better Websites

By the time most customers walk into a company showroom, they’ve already decided whether they want to do business with that company, and that decision is often based on the quality of the company’s website. Building Better Websites

Selling the New

Convincing building contractors and remodelers to try a new product can be tough. They like to stick with what they know and what works. In this article in ProSales Magazine, I wrote about how some building supply dealers convince their customers to try new ideas.

Hire Me, Please

The management at my last job decided they didn’t need an editor for ProSales Magazine, so I’ve been laid off. Pretty disappointing as I really loved that job. Alas, now I’m open for a new adventure.  

Lean Manufacturing

Wrote a story in January about a company in Massachusetts that used lean manufacturing techniques to improve its operations. Jackson Lumber