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84’s Antagonists

One of the best things about being a journalist is all the interesting people you get to meet. I’d been the new editor of ProSales Magazine for a few months when I a call from Addie Mills from Jena, La. She’s in an epic battle

VPA 3rd Place

I didn’t do a whole lot of writing last year, so it wasn’t much of surprise that I only took third place for business writing in the Virginia Press Association contest. In addition to the Duncan and Clark story (found find elsewhere on these pages), a story

Hospital Merger

Couple weeks ago I wrote a story about the proposed merger of a non-profit community hospital with an out-of-state for profit company. You can read it here: Hospital Merger 1 Hospital Merger 2  

Recent stuff

Here are a couple links to a story I wrote a couple weeks ago about a power line proposal through my neck of the woods. You can read them here: Dominion Virginia Power Line 01 Dominion Virginia Power Line 2  

2012 Election Preview

Been meaning to post this 2012 election preview I designed for the Times-Democrat. Click here for a larger version: 2012 Voters Guide

Jewelry Maker

Here’s a story I wrote about a custom jewelry maker in Warrenton, Va., who teaches couples how to make their own wedding rings. Full size versions available here: Duncan and Clarke 1 Duncan and Clarke 2